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 Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Sports Foundation (Registered Under the Trust Act of Govt. of India) is a Non Profit & Non-Government Organization, Committed to promote Sports for All, Education, Research, Youth & Social Activities at  National and International level in view to spread Olympic Movement & Olympism  to realize the dream of Barron Pierre de Coubertin.  


Our Support Team

Our support team consists of our coaches and my family. It also includes people like you. Sign up for my newsletter below and learn how to support me on my road to victory. You will get messages from me while I am on the road and updates on my training. 


Our Winning Philosophy

I believe in sportsmanship first. The sport is the game, and we are all in it together. While I am very competitive, I also want to support all the competitors as we strive to make the sport of tennis great. I work every day to better myself and to better the game.


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